Shipping terms

Fixed packaging and tracking fee

To avoid confusion, we decided to have a flat fee including the packaging and the international tracking, regardless of number of items or weight.
So. if you ship one item or 10Kg, it does not really matter: the packaging and the tracking will always cost a fixed fee of 95 Baht.

Shipping calculation

Since shipping internationally is very expensive, we cannot use a fixed/flat service, but we have to calculate the shipping according to the weight of your items.
There are many and many items that, due to a promotion or to their relatively small size, get a FREE SHIPPING label, and you can find them in the top menu or on the main page.
Basically, even if you choose 10 items from these, you will pay ZERO SHIPPING FEE, so it's always worth having a look at this section to add some small things to your order.


In order to streamline the shipping and to make it faster and more secure, EACH and EVERY item shipped will be given an INTERNATIONAL TRACKING NUMBER.
While the package is still in Thailand, you can go here:

Thailand tracking

and, after the package has left Thailand, you can check with your local Mail provider.
For example, for USA it would be:

USPS Tracking

For Italy it would be:

Poste Italiane

Delivery timings

It actually depends on many factors, and the first one is the destination.
In general, to Europe it takes from 2 to 6 weeks; to USA from 2.5 to 6 weeks, and to Australia from 1 to 4 weeks.
Of course, these are average delivery times.

Duty and taxes

Local Thai Shop, of course, is not responsible for any duty and/or taxes to be paid upon receiving our parcels. Having said so, from our experience it is very uncommon to pay duties for our shipments, except when the packages are big and/or heavy.
When possible, we mark them with "no value" / "gift" for duty purposes.