Need something? We will look it up for you!

Beautiful, right?
Suppose last time you came to Thailand you ate something very specific, and bought it at a local Family Mart or 7Eleven. Maybe you even have it there with you, but you cannot find it in your own country.
What can you do? Well, just TELL US and under no obligation whatsoever on your side, we will look it up for you, and we will tell you how much we can sell it to you.
Then, if you change your mind, or you just wanted an information, NO PROBLEM! We are here to help you.
Instead, if you are interested in the product, we will insert it into the website, so that you could order it.

Of course, the more information we receive, the better. If you have a picture, perfect! It will help our people to look it up faster. And don't worry, you can even ask for things from the stalls that you can find all over Thailand, with souvenirs and such.

Postcard service

Do you want to impress your friends, or do you want simply to have a nice postcard sent somewhere? Tell us the subject, and we will send it to your chosen address! How cool is that?! :)